Libre Ads

Are you sick of no ad preachers who in the name of targeting reject all ads?

Do you hate targeting of ads like companies do but still are open to selling a product ethically?

Are you sick of begging for donation for self-hosting your service providing server?

Well, you are in luck.

Libre Ads is just the right solution for you. With libre ads, we offer random ads, no targeting with competent pricing so you, my dear server host can earn, sustain and thrive while offering using just public data like query string to predict the ad most suitable for your product.
No data mining, no invasion of privacy.

You search for 'best books for learning hindi', we suggest a hindi publication. Yes we do that.

You search for 'darjeeling tea', and because you have a data history and invasive call logs of having lemon tea, well we strictly don't breach this privacy limit.

For inquiries, please mail at sagaracharya at humaaraartha dot in .

Click here for a sample you can integrate with your server.